Areas of innovation

Co-Working, Offices and Meeting Places

We run Areas of Innovation

In order to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and create conditions for companies, products and services to grow, we offer workspaces for entrepreneurs, organisations and businesses who work closely with academia, industry or public sector.

Skellefteå Game Park

The game industry is one of today's most important tech industries. Not only because it combines technological advancement and innovation that can be applied to multiple industries on the global market. It also attracts people to move across the globe and hires thousands of new talents yearly.

Skellefteå Game Camp is located on Campus Skellefteå to support the growing game industry. In this vibrant environment, students and games studios are part of a collaborative game community. 

Skellefteå Science City also runs the game cluster Arctic Game, a collaboration between Umeå, Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå and Boden, to strengthen the game industry in northern Sweden.

Skellefteå Innovation Park

Creating conditions for business to develop with close connection to research will be crucial for Skellefteå’s transformation. That’s why Campus Skellefteå is developing into a node for higher education, research and innovation. 

To support the transformation, Skellefteå Science Park is established on Campus Skellefteå to initiate, establish and inspire collaborations between academia, business and the public sector.

This is where we meet across industry boundaries to collaborate around future driven projects, to support innovative ideas to reach the market and act as a catalyst for innovation.