projects, clusters and accelerator programs


We are facilitating growth, enhancing attractiveness, fostering innovation and promoting the green transition in northern Sweden. Here, we present our spearheading pioneering projects to showcase how we do it.


A completely new ecosystem is being built in Skellefteå and it’s linked to one of Europe's largest industrial investments - Europe's first large-scale lithium-ion battery factory. The initiative presents both challenges and opportunities, where several societal stakeholders need to work together effectively to build a strong and viable business climate.

Energy and sustainable energy supply is a crucial issue for the green transition and the opportunity for Skellefteå to grow rapidly while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

With Skellefteå Kraft as the engine for the conversion, Skellefteå Science City contributes to the development, testing and commercialization of new innovative solutions. 

Skellefteå has launched the ELIS program with the ambition of becoming an early adopter of electric aviation and a leading hub in the commercialization of electrified aviation in Sweden and beyond.


Increasing the commercialization rate of innovations contributing to reach our energy and climate goals.


The Arctic Center of Energy is a world-leading competence center that accelerates the electrification of society. Through cutting-edge research and groundbreaking education, the Arctic Center of Energy creates the knowledge and abilities required to succeed with the sustainable energy transition.


The three-year Interreg Aurora project Bothnia Green Energy started in beginning of 2023. The project aims to stimulate cross-border collaboration and investment in sustainable energy solutions in the geographic area around Kvarken. The region's energy companies are involved in the project.

The objective of the project is to accelerate innovation and develop sustainable energy solutions through cross-border collaboration with stakeholders in the Kvarken region. What sets this project apart is the unique collaboration between the region's energy companies - Herrfors, Karleby Energi, Skellefteå Kraft, Umeå Energi, Vasa Elektriska, and Övik Energi - who are working together in this endeavor.


The project will promote collaboration between research, development and innovation. The goal is to make the region's small and medium-sized companies even more competitive and relevant in the ongoing green societal transformation.


The project will strengthen the ability of small and medium-sized companies in the region to create innovations, products and services that are beneficial for the green transition, as well as to strengthen the ability to commercialize their business ideas.

Do you have a good idea and want to collaborate with a leading energy company? With new technologies and smart solutions, the way to increased resource efficiency, circularity and climate adaptation is shown in our thriving region.

From October 1, 2023, a new application period opens for the program that allows your ideas to be realized with the support of a broad competence base and financially strong partners.

The program is a focused investment aimed at long-term cooperation with established and new players.



Arctic Game is a collaboration between Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå and Boden that is working to create a strategic platform for the game industry in northern Sweden; with business development, investment support, game educations and events to build a strong games community.


The project goal is to establish a test bed cluster in gaming technology and methodology, which via innovation in intersections and increased exchange between sectors strengthens technology and service development in the gaming industry and other industries.


The project aims to create increased cooperation between Swedish XR developers, the computer game industry and other industries in order to contribute to strengthened entrepreneurship, increased exports, digitization and talent attraction.


The project will create an innovative prototype that combines several technologies in order to be able to visualize in a new way, and create creative dialogue around, larger construction projects.


Games are part of the creative and digital industry, which are important areas for Skellefteå and contribute to the diversification of business life.

Since 2016, a regional investment in the gaming industry – funded by the municipalities of Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå and Boden – has been underway in northern Sweden. Skellefteå Science City is tasked with driving this initiative, with financial support from the municipalities, local regions and several projects. 

Skellefteå Science City runs several innovative projects in this area, both regionally, nationally and internationally.


We disrupt norms and develop infrastructures for the knowledge-driven society of tomorrow.

In the midst of the intersection between academia, the public sector and business, we play a vital role in ensuring that Skellefteå continues to command the global spotlight. We are fueling the momentum in northern Sweden by enhancing the growth of the business sector through increased innovation and attractiveness. By challenging the status quo, our unwavering dedication to sustainability and inclusivity has fostered a diverse array of companies.

The aim of the DistanceLAB project is to develop remote working skills and services. It equips public and private organisations with smart distance working skills and business development services in the Baltic Sea region. The developed tools and methods are divided into three categories: communication and innovation, sustainability and remote business strategy. The project is supported by the European Union Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

On behalf of Vinnova, Skellefteå Science City provides finance in the form of innovation-checks up to 100 000 SEK. The finance is in intended to pay for external expertise within business development, infrastructure and intangible assets for small- and medium sized companies to enable the development of new ideas, strengthen their innovation capacity and increase their competitiveness.