Do you want to develop new products and solutions? Then it’s time to focus on the future and build ideas together with Intersective Innovation.

Intersective Innovation aims to boost the innovation processes of our region’s small and medium-sized businesses by facilitating collaboration between companies that do not usually meet.

  • Intersective Innovation is about creating new business and revenue with other companies, usually from completely different sectors.

  • Intersective Innovation is about finding solutions to problems with the help of others.

  • Intersective Innovation is about developing the future of our region together.

  • Intersective Innovation is about open innovation.

Intersective Innovation will help you identify needs and then tackle them together with other regional small businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

What is open innovation?

Open innovation seeks to accelerate innovation within companies and organizations by involving external collaborators, as well as the internal ecosystem, in the process.

Your external ecosystem includes external actors, stakeholders, clients, research centres, universities, students, startups, SMEs and other major players inside, and outside, the relevant industry.

Who is it for?

Any organization (established company or SME) that wishes to innovate faster and more efficiently by mobilizing both the internal and external forces of the company, as well as researchers and students.

Today, 70-80% of large companies boost their innovation process with open innovation.

However, most companies in Sweden are SMEs, so we want to offer SMEs the chance to work with - and benefit from - open innovation in the same way that large companies and startups do.

What’s in it for you?

By participating in the project, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting companies and researchers in the region.

We work with an open innovation process that gives you new perspectives on current challenges and creates opportunities to find new profitable solutions.

You’ll have the opportunity to try new activities such as hackathons and innovation races.

We cannot promise success but, on the other hand, we guarantee that you will learn more about innovation and the methods and tools that best work with your company.

Are you an established company or SME that wants to grow and explore the benefits of innovating with others? Do you also want to increase the innovative capacity of your company?

If the answer is “yes”, then Intersective Innovation is the ideal programme for you.

For further information please  visit or contact Josefin Lundberg on 076 8004542 or