GAME XP - samverkan för ökad export inom dataspelsbranschen

Game companies are born global and has extremely large international expansion potential. There are few/no physical barriers to establishment in rural areas and good conditions in terms of skills supply as well as the potential for games to lead the transition within Twin Transition – where digitization goes hand in hand with green transition. 

In recent years, large Swedish game companies have formed and became a multibillion-dollar companies on the stock exchange. They have enormous purchasing power and can wait for successes before stepping in and investing in – or buying up – smaller games companies. This has meant that Swedish SMEs in game development have difficulties to get financing or other help in the first years. A consequence of this is that they are not strong enough in their internationalization work to reach full export potential.

Through this project, we want to contribute to strengthened international collaboration on terms that are attractive to SMEs within the computer game industry and thus contribute to increased exports, growth (not least in rural areas) and a better and more diversified business climate.

Documented processes, experiences, collaborations, methods and insights in the project can provide inspiration for similar targeted investments towards SMEs in other parts of the country, and not only in the gaming industry. Arctic Game Week can provide an increased cooperation and widened networks for all participating actors – and hopefully already in fall form the basis for applications for larger implementation projects.

In the long term, we want to create increased international cooperation and strong global network for Swedish SMEs in computer game development. The hope is that this will also contribute to regularly recurring regional meeting places/events where SMEs can meet international partners on their home arena. In this way we minimize the efforts in terms of time and money required for the SME to reach the intended international market and at the same time reduced travel to minimize the environmental effects.


Project period

2022-05-16 – 2022-12-30





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