Together with, Hello Future, Visit Skellefteå, Norma Coffee House and Fotograf Jonas Westling, we have created the initiative #backaskellefteå. The purpose is to back, support and develop Skellefteå's business climate and enterprise through the crisis that Covid-19 entails.

Our goal at The Great Northern has always been to develop innovative meeting places and create channels for collaboration. Challenges are a part of this work. The Coronavirus, Covid-19, is a major challenge for our society and strikes hard throughout the corporate chain. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to follow the authorities' recommendations and show consideration for each other based on the information provided. This also means that we have a shared responsibility for finding new ways that allows the local business community to continue to operate.

#backaskellefteå is a initiative where we together can discuss new opportunities, ideas and solutions to support Skellefteå's businesses through the crisis.