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Are you working with energy storage, sustainable mobility, power system flexibility or sustainable energy in a wider perspective? Your ideas could be the entry ticket to the exciting Accelerate Skellefteå programme. Three months of intensive development of your capabilities tailored to your needs. Energy is the focus area – increasing business opportunities is the ultimate goal.  

Accelerate Skellefteå is a unique accelerator programme for start-ups in energy technology. This is a collaborative initiative between EIT InnoEnergy, Skellefteå Kraft and Skellefteå Science City. Combining a European network with a strong innovation and energy focused home base will set you up for boosting your business.  

It’s a three-month focused effort aimed at long-term collaboration with established actors. The programme allows your ideas to be brought to life with the support of a broad competence base and financially strong partners.

Välkommen på glöggmingel

05 December 2022

Onsdag den 14 december bjuder Northern Energy Innovation Launch (NEIL) in till glöggmingel på tre olika plaster samtidigt.

Luciamys och innovationslust!

16 November 2022

Låt oss avsluta året på bästa möjliga sätt! Den 13 december bjuder Skellefteå Science City genom projektet Intersective Innovation in till en riktigt mysig luciamorgon där välmående och nätverkande står i fokus.