The ability to innovate has become a critical success factor. Skellefteå Science City offers established companies the chance to work in a structured way with innovation and development strategies. We provide lectures, seminars and workshops via the Intersective Innovation project and the Innovators’ Club meeting place, but we also plan to expand the project portfolio further in 2020.



The most innovative ideas are usually found at the intersection of different industries and sectors. The Intersective Innovation project is a collaborative project run in alliance with Piteå Science Park and RISE in which we test different methods for open innovation. Other activities carried out under the Intersective Innovation project include:

  • Innovationskonferensen MishMash
  • Seminarieserien Tänk Nytt
  • Nätverket Business Lab


Within the framework of the project, we have, among other things, held a co-creation workshop together with Skellefteå municipality support and service. The participants worked out the basis for a digital tool suitable for people with cognitive impairment. This innovative digital “helper” is currently on the market under the name, Todej.



With the help of inspiration and guidance from some of the foremost experts in their respective fields, we create exclusive events to aid renewal and development. We started Innovators' Club so that established and traditional companies can develop their innovation framework and gain access to new methods and new research.