Johnny Högberg, CEO of Skellefteå Science City, right, with Phil Hopkin and Ingela Hällsten, also of Science City

The Great Northern


In early 2016, Skellefteå Science City was tasked with making Skellefteå's innovation house come to fruition. The goal was to develop the startup scene in Skellefteå. 

The Great Northernwhose name was inspired by the 1990s cult TV show Twin Peaks after the geography of Skellefteå has been compared by a visitor to the fictional town - opened in January 2017. Since then, this house has become a natural melting pot for brave entrepreneurs, successful start-ups, innovation supporters, incubators and established companies. 

Neither is it an office hotel and nor a co-working space - even if this is a part of the concept. Most of all, The Great Northern gathers a creative business mix of game developers, digital industries, design, media and communication to develop the startup scene in Skellefteå and build the companies of tomorrow.

The result? Skellefteå is no longer only known for it's traditional heavy industries in mining and timber. Now, thanks to The Great Northern, it is taking steps to become an international innovation city. 

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