Goranka Bjedov, Capacity & Performance Engineer at Facebook

07 Sep 2016

“The most incredible start-up space I have seen”

Goranka Bjedov, Capacity & Performance Engineer at Facebook, is currently in Skellefteå, giving lectures to students on Skellefteå Campus. Speaking at a welcome event for international students at Skellefteå’s new start-up/innovation house The Great Northern on Wednesday, she offered some great advice for new companies but was also very complimentary about The Great Northern itself.

Goranka lives in San Francisco, the capital city of start-ups, and has been giving a lot of talks at different start-up communities throughout the world. But The Great Northern really knocked her out.

“I’ve been to many places but this is the most incredible start-up space I have seen! It is open, light and very beautiful. And you can’t tell that the building is 60 years old.”

When you work for a company like Facebook, which has more than 1.7 billion monthly active users, you tend to get questions about your employer.

“Facebook is very good at understanding people and what they need. Instead of the other way around, they ask, ‘what can we do for you?’ The relationships between people have to work. They ask their employees how they want to do it. And if you leave the company, their goal is that you will leave as a better engineer.”

Goranka also gave us her best advice to Swedish companies aiming for success.

“It is incredibly important to be honest in your communication. To really understand what problem you are trying to solve and to get other people to work with you. Give talks, use open source and remember that you can’t do everything – you have to work together with others.”

And for start-ups specifically, she recommends to not give up.

“It can take several attempts to be successful. If you have tried something that doesn’t work – do a pivot! Turn around and try something different. And don’t be ashamed to try again and again.”

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