28 Aug 2018

TGNCC in drive to attract more venture capital to northern Sweden

Companies outside Stockholm receive just 7 per cent of Swedish venture capital each year, according to recent figures in Svenska Dagbladet. As part of a strategy to bring more venture capital to northern Sweden, Skellefteå Science City has initiated The Great Northern Capital Connect (TGNCC) project, which holds its latest event today in Stockholm at SUP 46. 

TGNCC is part of Skellefteå Science City's mission to open up the channels between Norrland startups and Swedish venture capitalists. 

As part of this undertaking, promising northern Swedish startups will visit Stockholm three times a year to pitch their ideas to potential investors. 

Today's participants and venture capitalists will listen to a talk by David Eriksson of North Kingdom on digitalisation and how to land major international contracts, while northern Swedish startup companies, BriXtar and Glada Par, will be pitching their ideas to the assembled investors.

TGNCC is one of Skellefteå Science City's new initiatives to stimulate new startups in the region. Together with partners Connect Norr, ABI, Skellefteå Kommun, Umeå Kommun and Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten, Science City's aim is to attract more venture capital to the northern areas of Sweden.



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