16 Jan 2020

The Great Northern - Northern Sweden's innovation house changes management team

It is now three years since The Great Northern was inaugurated and sparked into life by Skellefteå Science City, and now it's time for the next step.


A creative hub for design, technology and business, The Great Northern in central Skellefteå blends established companies, startups, incubators and business advisors in a thriving ecosystem for new ideas. This is an international house that leads in terms of methodology and processes, but which also welcomes all types of innovators.

-I think we have learned a lot during the first few years, says Johnny Högberg, CEO of Skellefteå Science City. The basic concept that TGN should be an innovation house for startups, established industry and the intersection between them still applies.

To continue to be the natural meeting place for all kinds of pioneers and innovators, The Great Northern must evolve - this evolution must also include the running of the house.

-That is why we are now implementing an organizational change that will benefit the house's main purpose of promoting startups and new entrepreneurs, while also increasing and sharpening the house's content, partnerships and community development, says Johnny.

As part of this, Josefin Lundberg, office manager and business developer at Skellefteå Science City, steps in as TGN manager. Together with Pernilla Lindmark, Communications and Service Manager for The Great Northern, they will work to take The Great Northern to the next level.

-We will primarily work to develop the content of The Great Northern, says Josefin. By combining knowledge-enhancing and innovation-creating activities as well as promoting collaboration, we hope that more innovators, creators and entrepreneurs will visit us.

Josefin takes over the business responsibility for the house. She will also ensure that Skellefteå Science City's other operations are reflected in The Great Northern with cleantech, games and open innovation as the main focus areas.

-We believe that the mix of differences makes us both better and stronger, says Josefin. This is also why we are encouraging Skellefteå’s traditional industries to collaborate with the tech and creative industries in the city. Our hope is that we will see more startups in Skellefteå and that more Skellefteå residents will see The Great Northern as the natural focal point for our growing business community.

News about The Great Northern, and the details of all the exciting collaborations that are created there, will be disseminated locally, nationally and internationally with the help of communicator Pernilla Lindmark. She is also responsible for the daily operations of the house in terms of taking care of its members, customers and the needs of the house.

-The house would be nothing without its members, says Pernilla. It also means that the next stage in which we work to develop an even stronger, more creative and more innovative community will be very important for the development of The Great Northern.


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