22 May 2017

Winners announced at busy Venture Cup STARTUP Nord finals night at The Great Northern

A night of 60 second pitches, high drama, inspirational speeches, tears and winners was enjoyed by 130 people at Venture Cup's northern regional STARTUP final held at The Great Northern international innovation house in Skellefteå.

The night may have been mostly about the nominees for the awards but there were also fantastic inspirational speeches from Kevin Forrs of Noted Media, a star of the The Great Northern entrepreneurial constellation, and Christina Rickardsson, author of Sluta Aldrig Gå, who recounted her moving tale of her journey from life in a cave in Brazil to life in Sweden.

These speakers were preceded by a series of breathtaking 60 second pitches from each of the nominees. 

And then finally we had the results.

So, here are all the regional winners in Venture Cup STARTUP North.

Mowida - Winner of Impact Maker

Meiju Vartiainen and Daniel Remes.

A service that makes it easier for homeowners to find accommodation, and which simplifies the process for tenants and landlords to manage and rent out accommodation. The platform matches landlords and applicants based on different criteria and, as said, simplifies the process for both parties.

HiloProbe - Winner of Game Changer

Lina Olsson, Marie-Louise Hammarström, Sten Hammarström, Gudrun Lindmark and Anne Israelsson

HiloProbes solution ColoNode provides a more secure identification of tumor proliferation in colon cancer, which is a crucial factor for patients' continued treatment and survival. This is a brand new and unique process, which provides new opportunities for individual treatment of patients.

Bara Bättre - Winner of Student Superstart

Sara Eriksson, Linnea Elfving and Claes Lundgren.

Bara Better is a leadership concept that primarily helps hairdressers to coach and lead their staff for higher profitability. The clients get the right conditions for performing better, earning better and having fun at work.

Organofuel Sweden -Winner of Top Tech

Italo Sanhueza, Armando Cordova, Claes-Göran Beckeman, Anders Niclazon, Samson Afewerki and Luca Deiana

Organofuel Sweden is a green start-up company that has developed a technological platform that provides a unique way of producing high-value products (green chemicals, biomaterials and biofuels) with the forest as the source.

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