11 Apr 2018

Sveriges Innovationsriksdag to Skellefteå 2020

Innovation System Development

The Swedish government recently praised Skellefteå’s recent work in the area of ​​innovation, both nationally and internationally. Sweden's innovation sector seems to agree, as yesterday Skellefteå was chosen as the 2020 host city of the annual Sveriges Innovationsriksdag conference.


"We are hugely happy about the decision! Skellefteå Science City has been working on this together with Visit Skellefteå since 2016,” says Johnny Högberg, CEO Skellefteå Science City. 

"That Innovationsriksdagen chose Skellefteå for 2020 is very pleasing. In our municipality, many new innovations have seen the light of day and it is extraordinarily exciting to have the opportunity to exhibit all the interesting things going on in Skellefteå," says Kristina Sundin Jonsson, Head of Skellefteå Municipality.

 In 2020, the core players of Sweden's innovation engine will come to Skellefteå. Innovationsriksdagen brings together leading politicians, decision makers, representatives of innovative environments, authorities, universities and institutes, business representatives from small and large companies, media and other opinion makers. 

"We are in our busiest innovation development phase of recent years, so we see this as a fantastic opportunity to showcase Skellefteå’s innovation work. Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 2020 is also a good goal for the entire Skellefteå innovation system. We will take this opportunity to develop and refine our efforts to ensure we are at our very best in 2020,” says Högberg.

 "This conference positions Skellefteå as a place for new investments, companies and business. The conference will also mean that we’ll receive around 400 visitors from all over the country over two days. In terms of tourism economics, turnover is about 1,400,000 kronor, "says Sanna Orellano, the Convention Bureau Officer at Visit Skellefteå. 

Since 2011, Sveriges Innovationsriksdag has been organized by Swedish Incubators & Science Parks - the member-based industry association for Sweden's innovation environments - in collaboration with one or more industry members and their co-organizers as a prestigious local host. The network's 67 innovation environments across Sweden consist of 5,000 companies with 70,000 employees.

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