Erik Ronne from SpinnoVäx

29 Nov 2016

SpinnoVäx works on improving innovation in Skellefteå companies

SpinnoVäx has held its first workshop session at The Great Northern. SpinnoVäx is a one-year project aimed at helping small and medium sized companies to be more innovative.


During the year, the participating companies will develop and fine-tune their innovation work through education, workshops and a platform for open innovation.

Leading the project are two innovation experts, Erik Ronne, Head of Open Innovation and Peter Sandberg, Innovation Strategist, both from the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Ascom Network Testing, Brokk and Acuerdo are companies participating in the workshop.

"This is important for us. R&D is not a part of our business, it is our business. Also, the main advantage is that the finance department is at the same workshop as R&D – that means we are on the same page," says Anders Lundkvist, CFO at Ascom.

"To learn best practices together with opportunities to exercise them in a workshop is much appreciated. Also, the chance to sit down together with others and discuss the process is very useful," says Michael Carlberg, Head of R&D at Ascom.

Skellefteå Science City’s innovation manager, Emina Kovacevic, is looking forward to cooperating with Peter and Erik from SpinnoVäx.

"Their invaluable experience in the innovation field brings these workshops to another level. We are going to work closely with them over the coming year. Skellefteå Science City hopes to arrange more courses and workshops with Peter and Erik."



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