10 Jul 2016

RISE establishes its first regional node in Skellefteå

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, a government-owned network of research and technology organisations, is to make Skellefteå its first regional office. It’s a significant development for Skellefteå Science City’s CEO, Johnny Högberg, who has been in discussions with RISE for several months.



“This proves that there are many interesting companies here and that Skellefteå Science City is effectively marketing Skellefteå as a centre of innovation,” Högberg said upon hearing the news.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a network of research and technology organisations, which, in global co-operation with academia, enterprise and society, strives to create value, growth and competitiveness through research excellence and innovation.

“We had an early dialogue with Skellefteå Science City,” said Susanna Kindberg of RISE.

“We noticed that there was a lot of interest and a great potential to do things together. Skellefteå has a lot going on that we could fit in with. There was huge interest in us from the rest of the country, but we really liked what we saw in Skellefteå and were impressed by Skellefteå Science City.”

The aim of the RISE office is to increase the potential for innovation, within small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to generate growth and jobs.

“We will, for example, be able to make direct contributions to individual companies but also to shape and offer programs and seminar series based on the needs we see. Skellefteå companies will now have access to RISE’s 2,000 experts, as well as vast amounts of test equipment and labs,” said Kindberg.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a network of research and technology organisations (RTOs), wholly or partly owned by the Swedish state. The RTOs within RISE perform industrial research and innovation. Some of the RTOs also perform testing and certification.
RISE consists of four corporate groups with a total of 16 RTOs and their subsidiaries. Two of the parent companies are also RTOs in themselves. In 2014, the RISE RTOs had approximately 2,400 employees.

Skellefteå Science City is a new regional organization charged with the purpose of accelerating innovation in the Skellefteå area. As well as helping attract RISE to the area, the organization is also in the process of establishing a new innovation house in the city, The Great Northern.

For more information, contact:
Johnny Högberg, VD Skellefteå Science City +46 (0)72-7129053

Susanna Kindberg, RISE SMF-group, +46(0)703458938


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