01 Jun 2018

Nordea’s Norrlandsstiftelse is supporting Science City projects

Two of Skellefteå Science City's projects get support from Nordea’s Norrlandsstiftelse. The funding of 60 000 SEK is earmarked for cluster development and Innovators’ Club.   


Nordea’s Norrlandsstiftelse is supporting two projects, initiated and developed by Skellefteå Science City, at The Great Northern. 
The two projects are Innovators' club -  A platform for accelerating innovation in established companies with seminars, lectures and workshops and Cleantech Companies - A cluster development focusing on companies in green technology, clean energy and sustainable solutions.
We also welcome Nordea's Norrland Foundation as new partners to The Great Northern. In partnership, Nordea and TGN will not only work for the benefit of each other but also engage in collaborative activities with the student association of Campus Skellefteå. Nordea will also be the TGN resident experts in their business area. 
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