26 Jun 2017

New innovations and mindsets with Intersective innovation

One of the missions of Skellefteå Science City is to accelerate innovation in established companies. With the new Intersective Innovation project, Skellefteå's companies will get support to develop their ideas, but perhaps also their thinking.

Intersective Innovation is a project focusing on innovation at intersections between industries. The target group is small and medium-sized enterprises in creative industries, digital service industries and energy and environmental technology. The project is run by Skellefteå Science City, Piteå Science Park and RISE, and involves 11.1 millions over three years, of which 5.6 millions in EU support.

In order to achieve an innovative and dynamic business with good adaptability that creates growth and employment, it is imperative that the conditions for innovation are continually developed and improved.

When a field of expertise or industry crosses another area and brings new creative insights, innovative innovations, or so-called innovative leaps, can arise. The best opportunities for groundbreaking innovation are at intersections between different areas.

"In the project we will create meeting places that do not happen naturally, meetings between companies that do not usually meet," says Emina Kovacevic, Innovation Manager at Skellefteå Science City.

"We can offer workshops and support of process managers for companies that want to develop an idea or product together with other industries. We also have with us RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, as project partners and who are experts in open innovation.”

RISE will ensure that companies use the correct methodology but also look at the legal aspects. The project also includes possibilities to process support from private companies and consultants.

"We will primarily help smaller companies who do not have muscles to organize such meetings with other companies. There is a great trend that large companies are working on open innovation through their own platforms and with subcontractors. With this project, we want smaller companies to get the same opportunities.”

The SMEs contribute in terms of time to work on idea generation, concept and prototype development. The working method to be developed should also be documented so that it can be used in other projects.

Co-operation over municipal boundaries is something that is particularly appreciated. 
"We will work very close to Piteå Science Park and arrange activities together, gain an understanding of the different industries' business and connect them. Both Piteå and Skellefteå have great arenas for this, The Great Northern and Piteå Science Park. We would like companies to meet across regional borders.”

For the region, the project will entail new business opportunities, new business contacts and, hopefully, new services and companies. 
"But above all, a new mindset for the companies. Companies do not need everything in-house and can instead work in projects when they need external knowledge. The Great Northern is a good example of this approach, where many people work in temporary projects and bring in people who have the skills needed for the moment."

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