06 Mar 2018

Creative Game Challenge by Metso

Wanted: great game or creative product. Reward: 50,000 kronor. Can you design a game or other kind of creative product aimed at encouraging kids to explore technical and scientific phenomena?

The game or product should also connect with Metso, a manufacturer of equipment for the mining industry. The criteria are simple. We need a game or other creative product that has a connection to Metso's business and can also be used as a game or interactive exhibit at Exploratoriet.

What do you do now? Now you join us at Exploratoriet on the weekend of March 17 and 18, to challenge your creative side and mine your knowledge and expertise for a great idea. A jury from Metso, Exploratoriet and Intersective Innovation/Arctic Game Lab will award a prize of 25,000 kronor for the best idea. An additional 25,000 kronor will be allocated for further development of the winning entry.

We will offer food (more info will arrive later) and overnight accommodation (bring sleeping bag). Let us know if you have allergies.

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Organizers are Intersective Innovation and Innovation Game


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